Construction Estimators Are in High Demand

April 10, 2019 Conley Smith

What does a construction estimator, machine learning engineer, and a veterinarian have in common? We’ll give you a hint—they’re all in high demand and have salaries to match, according to Indeed’s Top 25 Best Jobs in the U.S. for 2019.

In another impressive showing, the construction industry landed three of the Top 25 hot jobs on this year’s list. While it is less than the nine spots from the 2018 list, it is still evidence of a steady jobs market for anyone who works in the construction industry.

So which high-demand construction jobs made the list and where did they rank? Coming in at No. 19 this year was construction estimator followed at No. 21 by construction superintendent and by No. 24 project architect. These highly sought-after positions were also on the 2018 Hot Jobs list by Indeed, a global employment search engine.

Estimator Base Salary Up Nearly 9% Over 2018

With rising salaries and high demand driving the list, many of the average base salaries cited for construction saw an increase of between roughly $5,000 and nearly $7,000 annually when compared to the 2018 salaries quoted by Indeed. For example, construction estimator went from an average base salary of $78,052 to $84,963 this year—a nearly 9 percent salary increase year-over-year.

According to Indeed, they defined the best jobs of 2019 as those experiencing the fastest growth (measured by the increase in job postings between 2015 and 2018) and offering the highest pay (using a baseline salary of $75,000).

Indeed also notes that the 2019 list includes a wide range of positions—from technology to construction. Many of these jobs have been around for centuries like an insurance broker, which stand in stark contrast to the No. 1 job of machine learning engineer.

For the record, machine learning engineer jumped up to No. 1 from last year’s No. 4 spot. With an average base salary of $146,085 and a 344% growth, it is easy to see why it ranked at the very top.  

Construction Job Openings on the Rise

Here’s a closer look at where construction jobs ranked on Indeed’s Top 25 Best Jobs List for 2019, along with average salaries and percentage growth in the number of job postings. We’ve also included last year’s rank and salary for reference:

No. 19. Construction Estimator

Percent Growth in Number of Postings: 85%

Average Base Salary: $84,963

2018: Ranked 12th with an average base salary of $78,052

No. 21. Construction Superintendent

Percent Growth in Number of Postings: 79%

Average Base Salary: $90,818

2018: Ranked 6th with an average base salary of $85,170

No. 24. Project Architect

Percent Growth in Number of Postings: 72%

Average Base Salary: $82,877

2018: Ranked 20th with an average base salary of $77,931

Construction Wages on the Rise

Anyone who follows construction employment is probably none-too-surprised at this list, especially considering the tight skilled labor market and an aging workforce. It is interesting to note that with more than 11 million employed in the construction industry today, only a scant 1 million are under the age of 25, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The median age of a worker in the construction industry sits now at 42.5.

Many experts feel higher wages and new technology could help those contractors struggling to fill high-demand positions.

Clearly, demand in construction is driving wages higher. The average hourly construction wage is holding steady at around $30 an hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This figure is more than 10% higher than the private-sector average of $27.66 an hour. It would seem these rising wages will also help attract a younger workforce by showing there are plenty of well-paying construction jobs.

Artificial Intelligence Driving Jobs Growth

Generally, the Top 25 Jobs List is typically a reliable indicator of the fastest-growing and best-paid jobs. It is also considered an economic indicator of what’s driving the labor market in the coming year. Indeed notes that cutting-edge tech jobs like robotics engineering cut a wide swath through this year’s Top 25 Top Jobs List.

Specifically, Indeed notes that artificial intelligence (AI)—now used everywhere from cars to home sound systems—has become a high-demand skill. For that reason, machine learning engineer moved up to the top spot from number four last year.

Tech-Savvy Workers Drive Construction Growth

For many construction firms, investing in technology will help them attract, hire, and retain in-demand, tech-savvy workers. Today’s current tight labor market for construction only adds to this urgency to add a younger, more diverse workforce for construction.

Whether a construction business needs someone with the expertise to fly a drone or just accurately bid a new project, hiring the right person can be complicated. Contractors can always turn to new technology to stay competitive in the market and ensure they can attract the best and brightest to their business.

If you’re ready to plot a new construction hiring course, don’t miss our easy-to-follow, 7-step guide. It provides great tips that you can apply to hiring for any construction position. Check out our How to Hire a Great Estimator guide now.

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