Fireproofing Software Digital Takeoff & Bidding

May 5, 2014


Fireproofing contractors deliver critical design and installation of fire protection measures that increase safety and reduce damage should a fire occur. If fireproofing measures vary from design specifications or are misapplied, the resulting fire ratings may be less than what the general contractor (and the Law) requires. With fireproofing, accuracy is required throughout the entire construction process but begins with the accurate takeoff interpretation of structural and engineering drawings and designs.

Knowledgeable fireproofing estimators carefully comb through printed plans to count sprinkler heads, smoke detectors, as well as identify the requirements of various related materials. It takes significant time and skill to determine material values due to unique conditions and odd shapes where it’s challenging to measure precise values.

From start to finish, an experienced fireproofing estimator who is proficient with these automated tools develops a more precise, detailed bid in much less time compared to doing it manually. Digital takeoff & estimating applications quickly pay for themselves in several ways: first by increasing the number of jobs bid to win more work; second by eliminating the need to print, handle and store bulky paper-based plans and other documents; and third by easing the estimator’s analysis of the building and grouping objects into assemblies for streamlined installation.

Estimating programs allow fireproofing companies to maintain and manage a library of common assemblies and fireproofing designs. These assemblies are generally combinations of materials, quantities, costs and labor that together form a unit of fireproofing activity. These common assemblies can be instantly recalled and reused among projects to save time.

Ultimately, fireproofing contractors who use digital takeoff & estimating software solutions for their needs save time & money, reduce costly mistakes, improve collaboration, and differentiate themselves from their competition.

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