5 Hacks to Hiring Top Construction Estimators

June 21, 2018 Conley Smith

Close your eyes and picture the perfect construction estimator. Do you see a seasoned Baby Boomer or a tech-savvy Millennial? Male or female? No question about it—finding the perfect estimator for your construction business should not be a one-size-fits-all proposition.


Going after only job candidates who could pass for your long-lost cousin or leaning too heavily on resume keywords is a problem. Nobody wants to miss a fantastic estimator who could drive double-digit profitability.


Ready to take stock of your hiring process? It’s really not that hard. Here’s a quick cheat-sheet of five questions and ideas to spark your process. Get ready to improve how you define, find, and hire your dream estimator.


1. What are the most relevant skills? Do I need a junior or senior estimator? If your business just lost your most senior estimator, don’t hire someone who requires training and hand-holding. It’s not fair to the rest of your team.


2. What qualifications could improve my estimating process and grow my business? Is technology a weakness for my current team? Consider hiring a tech-savvy, recent graduate who could reverse-mentor a more experienced estimator on the latest takeoff and estimating software. Or vice-versa if you need an experienced pro to train an up-and-coming team.


3. What are our company’s culture and main area of expertise? Hiring an estimator from a large, corporate environment for a smaller, specialty shop is probably not a great idea—unless there are other considerations at play. You don’t want your rock-star estimator to quickly grow bored and look elsewhere for work within their first year.


4. How do I create an estimator profile? How specific should I be? Write a broad profile and be open to a range of resumes. You never know who you will come across in your search. Maybe an amazing out-of-work estimator or a talented recent college graduate is the perfect fit. Boomers can be hard working but may expect higher salaries and perks. A hungry Gen Xer may be looking for their first estimating gig and feel like a better fit.


5. How do I write a killer job description? Where do I post it? Spend time crafting an enticing job description. List attractive benefits and perks rather than a boring checklist of qualifications. Make the job sound exciting by including your great location, flexible hours, stellar retirement options, and generous vacation time. Bonus tip: Don’t just post on your company website and Monster.com. Use social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. More than half of job seekers use at least one of those channels when looking for work.


Don’t let your firm be the best-kept secret around. Winning more profitable work begins with our easy five-step checklist. Need more shortcuts to find the best estimator around? Check out more great tips and tricks in our How to Hire a Great Estimator guide now!


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