The 5 Key People to Include When Picking New Estimating Software

July 10, 2018

Conley Smith, Sr. Business Writer

Let’s say you’re a busy mid-size roofing contractor. You use manual tools like colored pencils, calculators, and Excel spreadsheets. Sure, projects are getting won and done. But your chief estimator is pushing for new takeoff and estimating software to better organize and compile data, place material orders, and estimate costs.

Investing in new tools to work smarter and faster sounds like a great idea. But where do you begin? And who gets to choose? First, you should consider who will be impacted and how by adding new software. Construction firms should always think about whether they’ll receive any resistance to the addition of new software.


Who Needs to be Involved and Why

As you begin your process to evaluate the pros and cons of different tools, you should first identify key stakeholders who will be impacted the most by the adoption and implementation of takeoff and estimating software. Here’s an easy list of five key groups from our eBook, Estimator’s Guide to Assessing and Picking the Right Software:

  1. Estimator and Project Managers
  2. Owners and General Managers
  3. Field Supervisors
  4. Accounting Department
  5. IT Department

Depending on your company’s workflow, others may need to know about the software, but don’t need to be involved in the research and selection. This group usually includes designers/architects, engineers, field operations’ personnel, and accountants. Take a minute to make a list of the stakeholders who fall into each of these three groups:

  • Decision-maker (signs the check or the credit card charge)
  • Impacted and needs to be involved
  • Impacted and needs to know

Getting Buy-In for New Tools

No matter your construction trade, it’s best to get early buy-in from those impacted by the new software. This can make a huge difference in how receptive they’ll be when learning and implementing new takeoff and estimating tools.

In most cases, the new software will not disrupt an entire construction business. Even so, change can be harder for some more than others. Just remember to communicate early and often about the new software as you begin your implementation.


Want to learn more about choosing the best takeoff and estimating tools for your business? Download our free eBook, Estimators Guide to Assessing and Picking the Right Software, now. You’ll even get a seven-step checklist and best practices.

Ready to see the difference digital tools can make? Go ahead and test drive On-Screen Takeoff—sign up for a risk-free, 14-day trial now.


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