On Center Customer Spends 50% Less Time on Takeoffs

July 17, 2018

Bidding and winning the best work for your business has always been the name of the game. For an up-close look at how one Central Florida drywall contractor is crushing it, don’t miss Inside the Blueprint on Fox Business.


The on-demand episode features On Center Software and customer United Wall Systems, who specializes in drywall and carpentry, as well as door and hardware packages. The show explores how estimators are leaving manual processes behind for digital tools. With today’s digital tools, construction estimators can view blueprints on a screen and takeoff quantities, areas, and the linears necessary to put together a more accurate estimate.


Increasing Accuracy, Minimizing Mistakes


In the episode, United Wall Systems CEO Curtis Yoder explains how adding digital tools—On-Screen Takeoff® and Quick Bid®—has improved his company’s ability to move fast and win more work.


Now, United Wall Systems can swiftly calculate materials for a 10-foot wall by using built-in conditions—including metal studs, layers of drywall, and insulation. “Pick a condition and it’s done and already priced,” he said. The contractor works on a wide range of projects—from hotels to hospitals.


Another big advantage is that his team now requires much less office space. Previously, they would need large tables so they could spread out blueprints. Now, the team does all of their takeoffs and estimates on their computer screens.


Improving Profitability to Grow the Business


As a large drywall contractor, United Wall Systems has seen their bottom-line grow exponentially, thanks to using On Center tools. “The time we spend on takeoffs has lessened by 50%, if not more,” said Yoder. “If you bid more and you can put it in your sales funnel, more comes out the other end,” he added.


For COO Johnnie Crow, the tools allow him to quantify not just the metal screws and board sizes that go into every job, but the manpower required. Having digital tools like On-Screen Takeoff and Quick Bid help contractors analyze their work to be more profitable in the long run.


Try it, You’ll Like it


Technology is rapidly changing how contractors bid and win more work. If a typical contractor, only wins 1 in 10 construction bids, any tool that can improve their speed and accuracy can be a huge game-changer.


See for yourself. Watch Inside the Blueprint and then sign up for a 14-day, risk-free trial of On-Screen Takeoff


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