8th Straight Year – OST is No. 1 in ConTech Report

January 10, 2020 Conley Smith

Wow! On-Screen Takeoff has once again been ranked as the No.1 Takeoff software in the 2019 Construction Technology Report by JBKnowledge—for the eighth straight year.

Ever since the survey began in 2012, On-Screen Takeoff has taken the top spot in this highly respected report. Even more impressive is that this year’s respondents voted On-Screen Takeoff as their top tool by an even greater margin of 48.1% compared to 44.8% in 2018.

Ever since JBKnowledge began collecting, compiling, and analyzing data for their well-respected ConTech Report, On-Screen Takeoff has owned this top spot—from 2012 through 2019.

Who Participated in the Survey

In 2019, the ConTech survey had an 85% participation rate among those born between 1960 and 1995. The majority of those participating again reported roles as Finance, Executive, Estimator, and Project Manager. However, for the first time, Construction Technology/IT Systems Manager, entered the No. 3 most-reported job title in the report.

Although about 90% of the construction industry are male, this year’s ConTech Report showed the largest representation of women in the history of the report—nearly 9%. While there is clearly a growing number of women entering the construction workforce, the number of women in trade jobs still is only about 2% of the workforce.

Also, most of the construction pros who responded to the survey represented firms that have been in business 50+ years (42%). Of those, the data also showed 79% had 21 years of experience or more in business, reflecting decades of experience. Also, the majority (19.9%) came from companies with 201 to 500 employees.

In addition, most of the participants identified as General Contractors/Construction Managers (34.6%) vs. Subcontractor (29.4%) with 68% reporting Commercial Building as their primary industry.

Spreadsheet Dependency Down 1%

As usual, the ConTech Report took a deep dive into what workflows the industry is using to determine whether new technology is gaining traction in the construction industry. As usual, the same occupations—estimators, accountants, project and bid management participants – continue to hold onto their spreadsheets and manual entry.

However, the overall number of those relying on spreadsheets dropped by 1%. Even so, the number of estimators using spreadsheets as part of their workflow increased to 64.9% from 63.2% in 2018; accounting also increased to 53.6% from 51%; project management fell to 44% from 45.6%; and bid management fell to 38.7% from 39.7%.

Of those workflows who use dedicated software, the report showed:

  • Accounting/ERP: 85.7%
  • Project Management: 57.5%
  • Estimating: 54.6%
  • Project Scheduling: 46.6%
  • CAD/BIM: 40.3%
  • Takeoff: 37%
  • Bid Management: 32.4%
  • Client Relationship: 28.9%

Tech Investment Struggles Continue

Once again, most companies reported spending less than 1% of their annual sales volume on IT (46.7%). Of those surveyed, 51% reported having a dedicated IT department. But these teams tend to be small with 49% maintaining their department size from 2018 with an average of only 1-5 employees (58%).

As in past years, the ConTech Report continues to reflect a lack of integration when it comes to choosing software and apps. As a result, workflows, departments, and cross-functional teams will likely continue to struggle. There is plenty of room for improvement as firms begin to embrace tools that provide a seamless exchange of data, which would reduce manual entry and redundancies.

if you’re ready to take that leap, why not find out why OST is the No.1 takeoff tool. It’s easy to find out with a 14-day free trial or demo . Find out why so many construction pros use OST to complete takeoffs in a fraction of the time with much greater accuracy.

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