5 Cost Estimating Hazards You Need to Avoid

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HAZARDS Make sure that you've calculated everything for each piece of equipment required for your project - from the company pickup truck to special rental cranes and forklifts. Pay attention to natural obstacles like rocks or anything buried on the site that you might have to maneuver past. Is there an abandoned underground storage tank or old basement? Make sure to do an accurate calculation for cubic yards of dirt to be excavated. HERE ARE FIVE STRATEGIES TO HELP AVOID THE PITFALLS OF ESTIMATING: The estimating world can be a jungle! Swinging from super-busy into super-profitable means accounting correctly for all your labor and materials - even down to the last foot of rebar and pound of sand. Anticipate how lead-time items might impact your schedule. Plan ahead for items like cladding and glazing systems, escalators, and steel frames. Don't slow down the schedule, show how you handle these items. Don't overlook the cost to ensure public safety like cones, barricades, locks, or gates. There may even be additional state laws concerning the proper disposal of hazardous waste in the state where you're working. Consider whether the construction site is on a hill, in a rural area, or in a city with little room to maneuver. You'll ensure a smoother estimating journey and more profitable bid when you account for all the physical conditions you'll need to navigate. SWING PAST THE CALCULATING CROCODILES AVOID GAME OVER BEFORE YOUR FINAL BID ESCAPE THE SCHEDULE HAZARDS OF THE JUNGLE STEER CLEAR OF THE COSTLY SAFETY SANDPITS NAVIGATE THE ONSITE TAR PITS AND SCORPIONS OVER COMING THE PITFALLS OF ESTIMATING MANEUVER PAST ESTIMATING COMMON LEARN MORE T IPS AND TR ICKS ON HOW TO MANEUVER PAST THE P ITFALLS OF EST IMAT ING BY GETTING OUR FREE STEP-BY-STEP WH ITE PAPER NOW. GAME OVER 866.386.5177

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