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Takeoff and Estimating for Casework and Millwork Shops

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WWW.ONCENTER.COM O N - SCR EEN TA K EO FF A N D Q UICK BID IN MILLWO R K S H O PS 2 Page B efore digital te chnologie s, take of f a nd e stimating tools include d the rolling line a r sc ale, c olore d pe ncils, highlighte r s, le gal pads, a nd c alculator s. A s use of pe r sonal c ompute r s grew in busine s s, e stimator s re plac e d their c alculator s with ele c tronic sp re adshe ets a nd c omplex for mula s. Ma ny craf tsme n still use the old-school tools today to ma nually pe r for m mate r ial take of f s a nd to ge ne rate e duc ate d c ost "gue s stimate s" that make their way into for mal bids. Ma nual p roc e s se s a re time - a nd labor-inte nsive. Estimator s c a refully c omb through nume rous p r inte d pla ns rolle d out acros s a table to tabulate produc t c ounts, the a mount of line a r tr im, a nd the squa re footage of va r ious mate r ials. It take s sk ill to dete r mine the value s due to unique c onditions a nd odd shape s whe re it is challe nging to me a sure c or re c t value s. Fur the r c omplic ating the p roc e s s is the p rospe c t of cha nge orde r s a nd alte r native s. With ma nual p roc e s se s a nd sp re adshe ets, the e stimator must sif t through ma r ke d-up pla ns a nd p r ior e stimate s to wor k up a de sign cha nge a nd inc or porate it into the proje c t budget a nd bid. T hey of te n sta r t from scratch. Eve n small cha nge s cre ate a time burde n a nd c a n le ad to e r ror s. Most busine s se s inve st c onside rable time a nd money in the se p roc e s se s in the hope of winning bids. While ma nual take of f a nd e stimating proc e s se s a re still c ommon today, the re is a bet te r way for c a sewor k a nd millwor k c ompa nie s to double their e stimating p roduc tivit y. S hop owne r s submit more bids in le s s time with gre ate r c onf ide nc e whe n they use O n - Scre e n Take of f ® a nd Q uick Bid ® sof t wa re. Manual processes are decades behind for productivit y

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