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Takeoff and Estimating for Home Builders

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WWW.ONCENTER.COM O N - SCR EEN TA K EO FF A N D Q UICK BID FO R H O ME BUILD ER S 5 Page Manage costs bet ter with Quick Bid Q uick Bid ge ne rate s re por ts that help the busine s s owne r ma nage labor a nd mate r ial c osts for a va r iet y of CSI labor c ate gor ie s a nd ta sks. T he re a re re por ts to ma nage mate r ial inve ntor ie s a nd purcha se s a nd to e stimate ma n -hour s a nd c osts. Fur the r more, mate r ial re quire me nts a re orga nize d by what is ne e de d, a nd whe n, to facilitate just-in -time purcha sing. T he se p rogra ms also expor t c osting infor mation to more tha n 12 ac c ounting syste ms—a nothe r way to s ave time a nd re duc e input e r ror s. A b et te r w a y to c o n d u c t b u s i n e s s Home Builde r s who use digital take of f a nd e stimating applic ations c a n't imagine doing busine s s without the se tools, today. T hey help c onstr uc tion c ompa nie s: • Save Time and Money: Re duc e the c ost of p r inting a nd r unning pla ns. Spe nd fa r le s s time doing take of f s a nd e stimating for e ach bid. Submit more bids a nd win more p roje c ts. • Reduce Costly Mistakes: Eliminate ma nual e ntr y e r ror s a nd se e on scre e n that eve r y thing is ac c ounte d for, which de cre a se s the likelihood of having to pe r for m "value e ngine e r ing" to re c oup lost reve nue a nd c osts from simple e r ror s. • Improve Collaboration: G et eve r yone on the s a me page from the of f ic e to multiple job site s throughout the p roje c t. • Dif ferentiate from Competition: Submit p rofe s sional bid package s, re spond to cha nge re que sts a nd of fe r alte r native e stimate s quick ly with ac curate numbe r s. Conclusion Home Builde r s c ompete for p roje c ts f ir st with p rofe s sional bid package s. Take of f a nd e stimating for the bid, re quire s a detaile d unde r sta nding of a c omplex set of mate r ials, labor, qua ntitie s, a nd logis - tic s. What 's more, the e stimator must have the abilit y to c ommunic ate ef fe c tively with a wide ra nge of p rofe s sionals, from a rchite c ts a nd owne r s, to subc ontrac tor s, supplie r s a nd crew to develop bids. O n - Scre e n Take of f a nd Q uick Bid p rovide the c apabilit y to develop proje c t c ost infor mation with more ac curacy throughout the e ntire bid to build cycle. D igital Produc tion Control ® adds a valuable p roje c t track ing tool with the abilit y to se e pe rc e ntage c omplete at a ny pha se of c onstr uc tion. On Center Software has been a trusted provider of construction automation management solutions for nearly three decades. On Center was the first in the industry to offer the best-in-class digital solutions for takeoff and estimating: On-Screen Takeoff® and Quick Bid®. Our award-winning software is recognized by the industry, our customers, and partners in 60 countries around the world and is part of construction management curriculum at more than 300 universities and institutions.

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