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WWW.ONCENTER.COM OV ERCO MIN G T HE PIT FA LL S O F EST IM AT IN G 7 Page E ve r yone wa nts to win more wor k a nd dr ive p rof itabilit y, e spe cially whe n it c ome s to building a strong re putation in a spe cialt y niche. Howeve r, whe n the re is a disc onne c t bet we e n te chnology a nd expe r ie nc e or labor c osts a nd bid ac curacy – c ontrac tor s c a n e nd up winning wor k that doe s not add to a he althy bot tom -line. The solution is not always that c omplic ate d. For sta r te r s, hire good pe ople a nd train the m. Sele c t a use r-fr ie ndly sof t wa re syste m to ha ndle take of f a nd e stimating. T he n, c omplete e ach job with a c omplete p rof it a nd los s state me nt (P& L). T his e nsure s that the loop is close d – from the of f ic e to the f ield a nd back again – so eve r yone k nows their pa r t in mak ing e ach job more p rof itable tha n the la st. Whe n c ontrac tor s use tools to track progre s s against their or iginal e stimate, they c a n more ac curately p re dic t just how long it will take to c omplete a job. Ultimately, this make s it e a sie r for a c onstr uc tion f ir m to f ind their bidding swe et spot a nd ove rc ome a ny pote ntial pit falls. Successful Bidding Process: Simple steps for contractors U nderstand where there are risks and manage the se accordingly I mplement a thorough review proce ss af ter the win G o over labor records we ek ly to f ind issue s early in the proce ss E nable good communications bet we en all depar tments – in the of f ice and in the f ield C ompare the e stimate s with the actuals on ever y completed job H ire top talent and train those people within the organization Apply Lessons Learned to Find Your Bidding Sweet Spot On Center Software has been a trusted provider of construction automation management solutions for nearly three decades. On Center was the first in the industry to offer the best-in-class digital solutions for takeoff and estimating: On-Screen Takeoff® and Quick Bid®. Our award-winning software is recognized by the industry, our customers, and partners in 60 countries around the world and is part of construction management curriculum at more than 300 universities and institutions.

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