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A R E YO U PA R T O F T H E 2 7 % O R 5 2 % ? In the 2016 JB Knowledge construction technology report, results showed 27% of the industry uses On-Screen Takeoff; while 52% of the subcontractors do their takeoffs manually. This method becomes a bottleneck for you and your business creating a huge opportunity for human error and profit loss. On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff increases accuracy and efficiency, which in turn helps you to win more profitable bids. The Industry Leading Takeoff Software On-Screen Takeoff streamlines your takeoff process by completing your measurements and calculations as you mark up your drawings, allowing you to generate faster, more accurate takeoffs. As an estimator, it is project-critical for you to have technology and innovation to meet the demands of the design and construction firms that are emerging. The more partnerships that develop like this, the increased likelihood workflows change and you may not be able to keep up with the project loads without takeoff software. Increase the Accuracy of the Bid On-Screen Takeoff is the ideal software for any estimator. Not only is it designed to work for various trades, but estimators also created it for estimators. Like you, we value the craft of the estimating game, finding that needle in the haystack gives us just as much of an adrenaline rush. You value accuracy, and your project analysis is unmatched, we get that. Imagine for a moment that you own software with advanced takeoff tools, and annotations to streamline the RFI communication process. No need to disrupt your workflow, On-Screen Takeoff is a time-saver and guarantees accuracy by eliminating rework with repeating pages and typical groups which allows you to count similar items all at once. Bid More Work in Less Time Less is often more. The dream is less time for more money. The dream is achievable, it's just a matter of efficiency. In the estimating world, more is money! Manual takeoffs are time-consuming. The more time you take to complete one accurate takeoff, you may be missing out on other bids with fast-approaching permanent deadlines. Quality is just as important as time, and On-Screen Takeoff will shorten the time you spend quantifying plans and reworking measurements that are missing. If it's colored, It's counted. If it's gray, use the Overlay to instantly recognize changes from your original to the revision. No need to triple-check accuracy as you would with a manual takeoff. Communication and Integration "Pre-construction phase planning is easy," said no estimator ever. Having the most accurate and efficient takeoff solution means nothing if it doesn't help you with your estimating, accounting, and budgeting. On-Screen Takeoff seamlessly exports data into Quick Bid, Excel, and many other estimating applications simplifying the transfer of data between software. You can see your summaries from takeoff, and communicate back and forth on changes and modifications using Project Express. On-Screen Takeoff K E Y F E AT U R E S Project Express: Streamline the RFI and RFP communication process Advanced Take off Tools: Highlight, annotate, and call out Plan Overlay: See revisions side by side — red is dead, blue is new Typical Groups: Adds repeating areas of takeoff into a bid quickly Multi-Condition Takeoff: Take off multiple floors with multiple assemblies at the same time Integration: OST integrates with Quick Bid ® and Digital Production Control ® for easy estimating, bid submission, and project management DATASHEET

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