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Industry Leading Construction Software Suite Almost 70% of estimators and subcontractors are using self-made or legacy Excel formu- las, pens, pencils and highlighters to calculate quantities of material and measurements to bid on a construction project. This method leaves room for a high margin of human error, fewer jobs to bid, and potential profit loss. On Center Software recognizes that projects that appease both the client and contractor are successful when the com- munication of details are concise, accurate, and preemptively proactive in identifying pitfalls in a project. On Center Software's Contractor Suite allows offers a seamless end-to-end solution for the pre-construction phase of takeoff and estimation. The Contractor Suite includes three industry leading products: On-Screen Takeoff ® , Quick Bid ® , and Digital Production Control ® . On-Screen Takeoff On-Screen Takeoff (OST) streamlines the takeoff process by completing measurements and calculations of drawings, generating faster and more accurate takeoffs. On-Screen Takeoff increases accuracy and efficiency, which in turn helps to win more profitable bids. On-Screen Takeoff greatly reduces the chance of errors. It increases accuracy, speed, and greater profits, and lowering risks of profit loss. Quick Bid Quick Bid (QB) is a powerful estimating program that can help almost any construc- tion professional bid jobs faster and more accurately. Quick Bid enables estimators to be more thorough and productive by automating many of the functions performed manually. Bids can be adjusted easily and quickly, allowing recalculation of last minute addendum changes. Quick Bid generates new estimates quickly, increasing the chances to win more bids and grow profits. Digital Production Control Digital Production Control (DPC) reduces job costs overruns and increases profits by providing the status of production and can recognize problems immediately. By inte- grating the takeoff and estimating processes, this powerful program digitally tracks labor production and payroll directly from the field to the project manager's workstation in the office. Color-coded plans display work in progress and indicates exactly where labor cost overruns are occurring. Now the foreman and the project manager can immediately know what production is complete on each cost code and phase. On Center Software's Contractor Suite K E Y F E AT U R E S Project Express: Streamline the RFI and RFP communication process Advanced Take off Tools: Highlight, annotate, and call out Plan Overlay: See revisions side by side — red is dead, blue is new Typical Groups: Adds repeating areas of takeoff into a bid quickly Multi-Condition Takeoff: Take off multiple floors with multiple assemblies at the same time Integration: OST integrates with QB and DPC for easy estimating, bid sub- mission, and project management Accurate Calculations: Calculate costs of units and materials based on takeoff Bid Data: Bid analysis of labor risks eQuotes: Send bids to vendors and manufacturers Custom Databases: Create assembilies and materials specific to your trade and manufacturers Color-Coded Alerts: Show if project is on, close, or over budget Percent Complete: Compares actual labor costs with the budget Productivity: Monitors labor output and production lags DATASHEET

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