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Takeoff and Estimating for Doors and Hardware Contractors

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WWW.ONCENTER.COM TA K EO FF A N D EST IM AT IN G SO F T WA R E FO R D O O R CO N T R ACTO R S 1 Page Takeoff and Estimating Software for Doors and Hardware Contractors D oor s a nd ha rdwa re c ontrac tor s have to wor k a bala ncing ac t on eve r y p roje c t. T he c ontrac tor must achieve the a rchite c tural de sign inte nt, a nd p rovide the highe st value to the custome r with the highe st qualit y while re maining on budget. T he re a re ae sthetic s a s well a s f ire a nd sound ratings to c onside r. It take s sk ille d p rofe s sionals to bala nc e all the ne e ds to package a bid a nd win the p roje c t. As in most industr ie s, te chnologic al innovations imp rove ope rational ef f icie ncie s. O n - Scre e n Take of f ® a nd Q uick Bid ® sof t wa re automate, c ompile, a nd orga nize ma nual take of f a nd e stimating p roc e s se s. D oe s a job c all for 12, single unrate d door s or 14, single rate d door a s se mblie s? Rate d e gre s s door s or pe r imete r door a s se mblie s? T he dolla r is in the details. S hops inve st in te chnology a nd e quipme nt like CNC machine r y to incre a se p roduc tivit y, re duc e wa ste, a nd incre a se p rof its. Building bids c a n also be automate d with te chnology. Prof itabilit y hinge s on ac curate bid e stimate s. In today's highly c ompetitive ma r ketplac e whe re " the low bid gets the job," c ontrac tor s c a n lose money before they install the f ir st fra me s without ac curate e stimate s.

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