Why Should I Use Estimating Software?

November 29, 2018

For those in the construction business, getting a leg up on the competition often means making sure they have the right estimating tools. With construction estimating software, your business can more accurately and efficiently bid projects. As a result, this makes your business more efficient when it comes to bidding and winning the right projects.

Not convinced? Let’s take a closer look at what makes estimating software so effective. Here are some of the top reasons why busy construction businesses use estimation software and why your business should start.

Material and Equipment Costs

For starters, cost estimating software can help you quickly count and takeoff quantities of all construction materials and equipment. Some software even provides instant access so you can import the prices from your own personal suppliers to compare prices between them and the wholesale database. Quick access to the costs of materials and equipment is essential when calculating your next bid. Construction estimation software makes this first step easier than ever.

More Accurate Automatic Calculations

Now that you have all the counts and prices needed for your construction bid, you would usually manually add them up to make a fair and accurate bid, right? Not anymore! One of the many advantages of construction project estimating software is that the total cost can be calculated automatically. This removes the likelihood of human error, potentially saving 20% of the cost of your construction project by avoiding rework.

Save Your Information for Next Time

Saving key construction estimating information for future bids is critical. On-Screen Takeoff from On Center can be a huge time saver as your takeoff calculations, change orders, specs, and scope changes can all be saved and quickly accessed for current and future projects.


Stay on Top of Your Construction Projects

Another advantage of this type of project estimating software is that it allows you to monitor any updates or changes to your job along the way. This is an excellent way to stay on top of your materials and the ongoing costs of the project, as well as any changes to your original construction estimate. If necessary, you can then use your construction estimation software to generate a record of costs to your client.


Faster Bids!

All things considered, the sooner you reach an accurate estimate, the sooner you can place a bid on your next project. Software like On-Screen Takeoff gives you everything you need to make fair and efficient estimations while integrating seamlessly into your regular operations to give you quick access to bids and takeoff resources.


No doubt, construction estimating software is an incredibly efficient way to manage the process of landing your next project. With a better workflow, you can more easily organize your prep work and keep track of all the necessary project information. Estimating software takes a great amount of stress out of the bidding and takeoff process. If you’re looking to learn more about construction estimating software, or are ready to take the next step and get started, contact On Center today and check out our 14-day free trial of On-Screen Takeoff to bid and win more work in less time!


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