Buying technology without training and support is a bad idea

May 1, 2017


By Greg Michael, communications specialist for On Center Software.

Contractors are seeing an uptick in business this year. Many are investing in hiring and digital technology to ramp up for the coming boom.

Projected growth in construction has spawned new software companies to get a piece of the action. You’ve read the buzz: turn-key solutions, easy-to-use, plug & play programs with online instruction. Some offer one- or two-day pre-recorded webinars.

In reality, software advertised as easy to use is not all that simple and training and support are slim to none. It’s advertising “speak” for limited training and superficial support. Software products without training are rarely fully implemented. After the initial week or two of use, teams often revert to homemade templates and Excel workbooks.

New technology has the best chance of full adoption if your key people, project managers, and estimators are involved. They are your go-to people who will enhance the training with their real world experience.

Training is more than half the value of software implementation.

Technology and training have another long-term payoff, attracting tech-savvy millennials, ages 35 and younger. On Center Software is part of the curriculum of more than 350 universities and higher education institutions. Graduates from these programs are trained on Quick Bid® and On-Screen Takeoff®, and they look forward to applying their technical skills to their job.

A recent study finds that by 2025, millennials will make up 75 percent of the U.S. workforce. Makes sense, right? But, the survey says only 7 percent of millennials are interested in a job in construction or manufacturing. Why is that? The construction industry is among the slowest to buy into new technology and training. Nearly 50 percent of contractors still do manual takeoff. An even larger percentage do not know if they are over or under budget on a project. Companies with old school technology and a little training will have a difficult task trying to hire from now on. But it is so easy to catch up.

Companies that invest at least $1,500 annually in training on each employee have an average of 24% higher profit margins than businesses spending less on training. *

ATD’s State of the Industry report shows businesses provide 32.4 learning hours per year, per employee, and more than 50 percent of the training is instructor-led.

Learn more about the power of training. Download the whitepaper.

*Source: 2014 column, HR Magazine

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