A Prominent New York Theater Project

October 5, 2017


Troake Group Limited (TGL) is a fully-owned New Zealand company with a focus on
interior solutions, ceilings, and partitions for commercial and residential buildings.
Over two decades ago, Vince and Victoria Troake formed TGL with a focus on
being an industry leader, never losing sight of performing the highest quality customer
service. Employees play a significant role in this endeavor and TGL takes great pride
in hiring the best people in the industry. In 2010, TGL was recognized with the Massey
University Excellence in Sustainability Award. As a boutique firm specializing in light
commercial and high-end residential homes, TGL focuses on quality of work with an
eye on the safety and well-being of those at the construction site. TGL expanded into
the area of scaffolding and rigging, fully implementing current safety standards and
meeting contractor needs...

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