Build a Killer Hiring Process!

June 5, 2018 Conley Smith

So, you’re looking to hire a great estimator. How hard could it be? Actually, it’s gotten pretty hard. You have two choices: A) Get in line (everybody needs a great estimator!). Or B) Start building a better way to attract, hire, and retain top-tier talent.

Let’s face it, the first approach will deliver less-than-stellar talent. The second way means you can skip the catch-and-release cycle of hiring and training stand-out estimators—only to see them walk out the door to … you guessed it ... your competitors.


Skip the Bad Hires and Missteps


If you think estimating isn’t a hot, high-demand job right now—you would be wrong. The construction estimator position shot to No. 9 recently on Indeed’s Top 25 Best Jobs list for 2018. The search engine ranking just confirmed what you already knew—great estimators are not only in short supply, but also hard to retain.


In fact, the estimator position reported a 76 percent surge in job postings. Whoa, that’s what we call sizzling hot. With the average hiring cycle taking 22.9 days in the U.S., every construction business needs a killer process for hiring success.

Ready to roll? Your first step is to simply lock down a process and checklist. Chalk it up to boring, but important. If you invest time and energy creating a repeatable hiring process, you can skip the part about bad hires and missteps.

Slash Your Hiring Time with 3 Quick Tips


Let’s beef up your hiring process ASAP. Here are three quick takeaways to help you slash your hiring time, attract amazing estimators, and retain great estimators for the long haul:

  1. Develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for hiring estimators. Embracing best practices for hiring top talent means less micromanaging for those on the front lines of the hiring process. Just because you’re not in HR, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t interject your ideas so your business can attract a broad base of estimator job candidates. Your SOP should include everything from how to post a job to how to onboard a new employee—in writing!
  2. Build a better estimator profile and requisition. When working with HR, make sure you’re laser-focused on the position title, hours, reasons for the job opening, job responsibilities, and necessary qualifications. The more detailed you can make your profile—the less chance you’ll face hiring constraints or be disappointed when you land a rock star estimator.
  3. Don’t hire the first estimator who walks through the door. Hiring the wrong person can be extremely costly. More than 50% of companies will realize they’ve hired the wrong person within three weeks. CareerBuilder points out the cost of a bad hire adds up—more than 30% across-the-board in lost productivity and quality of work. Make sure you’re looking beyond the “usual suspects” to attract not only talent, but a great fit for your construction business.

Ready for more easy steps you don’t want to miss? Get the full How to Hire a Great Estimator Guide for more in-depth tips and tricks. Download the guide now for a deeper dive into the topic! Armed with best practices, you’ll stop chasing the wrong job candidates and never look back.


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