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Takeoff and Estimating for Walls & Ceilings Contractors

October 2, 2017



     Walls and ceilings contractors operate businesses filled with details, where every aspect of a job is unique. Not long ago, this trade only involved covering studs and rafters. Today these tradesmen install firewalls, sound walls, smoke walls, and more sophisticated structures like positive-pressure walls to seal and keep out contaminants from another source. Specialty contracting is now common. In short, this trade has become more complex and precise.

     To enhance productivity, reduce waste and increase profits, wall and ceiling contractors invest in technology and equipment such as automatic taping systems. Tools that improve efficiency and effectiveness are not limited to the construction site. The drive for accuracy begins in the digital takeoff interpretation of structural/engineering drawings and designs to assure that all required finishes and preventative solutions are addressed up front. This is the best way to avoid unnecessary problems down the road, such as failed inspections, rework and project penalties...

Download the Free PDF now to learn why walls and ceilings contractors are investing in On-Screen Takeoff® and Quick Bid® to enhance productivity, reduce waste, and increase profits.



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